S A Rossiahs Spirit
(Crystal Magic x Rossiah)
66.97% Crabbet

"Rose" was delivered by emergency c-section in September 2008. She had got her head along her side in the womb making it impossible for her dam to give birth naturally. Our vet tried for over an hour to straighten her to allow for a natural birth but everything failed. Rose was lifeless when she was delivered but my partner managed to revive her but it was soon discovered that she was suffering from neonatal maladjustment syndrome (dummy foal) due to the lack of oxygen. She had no suck reflex & barked like a dog so we had to make the decision whether to put her to sleep after all. Her blood levels came back as above average so we decided to give her a chance.

We bottle fed her every hour and put an appeal out to see if anyone could help with a foster mare.  Kindly Donna Butcher from Jarva Stud contacted us and offered to help. The next morning we put Rose on the back seat of my partners car and took her to Donna. Her mare accepted Rose but due to her brain damage she didn't know what to do. After trying to get her to suck for most of the morning we decided to give up and take her home & try to bottle feed her. Our good friend Pat Wellfare offered to help so for the next few months the three of us would take it in turns to feed her.

After 4 months she was eating mash from a bucket but would sometimes fall asleep and forget to feed so would still need checking every few hours. Two and half years later she is almost completely normal. She suffers from mild nightblindness & sometimes still goes to sleep for longer than normal but she is otherwise a happy healthy little horse.

BAY 2006
GREY 1973